Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over

We are really being slammed with the winter rain, ice mix this year and I have never been so reluctant to leave the house for chores. Although, once I get to the barn, I love being there and hate to return to the house - so mainly my issue is with being in the outside between the two!

The barn is a mess and to try to muck stalls is an endless battle. We have however enjoyed the last three days of dry, sun and wind and I was able to make the inside of the barn 'better.' But as we are in the midst of yet another rain storm, I am not looking forward to the next mucking session, and feel sorry for the inhabitants of said barn.

The new boys of Black Girls are so much fun - since we were right there from second one of the beginning of their lives and have kept them confined and in there with them daily...I believe they think we are either one of them, or they are on of us. They wag their tails and jump around at us and even up onto our laps. It is hard to leave them to do chores.

Home schooling has had it's ups and downs, but all in all we are hanging in there and doing well. I have recently received each of the kids E.O.G.s and we will be doing that the last week of February. I am interested to see how each of the kids are doing this year, as I feel we all have learned and have a much better grasp of it.

I am overwhelmed with the greatness of God and all he has done in and for our family in the last few years. I feel a closeness like never before, not only in our family to each other, but in our family to God. We are experiencing much more family time and playfulness. Truly my cup runneth over!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Life

We have had a great week around here. We have really focused on family and working together as a team....actually been holding team meetings and talking about how this family does not win the 'game' unless all team members finish the course. We all put our hands and and say 'go team' and head off into our day. The kids seem to like it and it has really made them think.

A team work moment: I ran errands alone today and Dad stayed home with the kids and farm work....while I was gone, Matt and Sammy ventured off into the woods to investigate. During this investigation Sammy, while trying to jump over a puddle, landed wrong and twisted her foot. She cried and pleaded for Matt to come and help her. Matt went back when he heard her cry and proceeded to remove his socks and use them to wrap his little sister's foot. Then proceeded to carry her out of the woods to the house. When I returned home, I was told from Sammy how "Matt saved my life!' I looked over and he was brimming from ear to ear! I told them "Now that's the team work I've been talking about!" I am one proud Mama!!!

Also, when I arrived home I was greeted by happily screaming youngins that Black Girl had given birth to two babies....they are SO CUTE!!! Flop eared lil' fellas - they are mainly white with some black markings. I took a bunch of pictures with them and my kids, but the camera wouldn't hold them and they were lost. Hoping to redo this tomorrow and post them here. Matt was able to see the birth of the last one and was so excited to have been a part of that! I think it is awesome to see the full life process, gives them such a respect for it!

Have enjoyed a lot of fun times with the kiddos and husband this week and even been blessed with sharing that fun with some good neighbors! God has truly blessed our home!