Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Catching up

WOW - it has been a while. So much has gone on here!!! Dad came for a while and we got a lot of honey-do's done outside. When Steve and I fenced in the back field, it was so wet and rainy and it was almost impossible to set our corner posts to where they would stay in place, even with them being telephone poles and set 2 feet in the ground....with the weather drying out a bit, Dad and I were able to use his tractor and pull the posts back straight and brace them into place with timbers - that fence is tight now! We also added two 10 foot gates so that we can access the lower pen with the tractor and access the back field, beyond the drainage ditch with the tractor. A lot of reorganization of farm implements and deciding where the garden will be and getting that tilled. I know that every day he was here there was always something and it seemed I never sat still. All the time this was going on, if I was not working with him, regular barn and house chores were needing done, then it was time to cook supper....never ending, but good!

Steve and I have been working on the inside of the house, new flooring in the living room, hall and bath. Now working on fixing the walls and trim in the hall. I love the work and soreness and LOVE the crisp new changes to the atmosphere of this old house. The flooring in the hallway was new to me, the floating floors. I attack it like someone said, there is no way Becky can do this. And my goal is to prove them wrong....and I did : )

Recently (like 2 days ago) we acquired another member to our farm family - she is about 4 weeks old (estimate) and abandoned puppy - to me she looks like a boxer, but there are so many possibilities...we shall see. She is being good, but the every 3 hour feeding and trips outside are tiring. She already know she does not want any "accidents" in her box and has a specific howl she does to let me know going out is needed and needed NOW! Our daughter Sammy, 7, is thoroughly enjoying the mothering she is getting to do with her and is wearing the poor thing out to where I have to give the pup some needed down time every once in a while. Matt (our oldest) and Sammy (our youngest) were naming off names, and since Logan (middle child) didn't seem to care one way or another, I gave him the names, and he chose Boots. His reasoning was that her front legs are white up mid way and therefore she looks like she has white mud boots on, and well, we all wear mud boots here! TOO CUTE! : )

Kids have been jamming at school, they have all taken their E.O.G.'s and now it is just finishing the books and doing the time! I know that I am looking forward to summer break, so I can only imagine how they feel!!!

We have really enjoyed the visits from the sun here of late, are in a bit of a drear today, but the prospect of sunshine and warmth later this week - is worth waiting for!