Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What a crazy year 2010 has turned in to....My brother was in a motorcycle accident on New Years Eve, was hurt pretty bad, but thankful he is still with us. At the first part of May, Dad and I set out to go visit he and his family for a week and ended up staying two, while there, we found out that his right foot would need to be amputated. It was a tiring but good visit, was good that everything worked out and life allowed us to be with them in this time. He is now doing amazing, has his prosthetic and walking without too much assistance.

During this trip, I notice my Dad not being up to par with his typical driving abilities and I needed to do about 85 to 90 percent of the driving. Actually here in the last 4 months my husband and I talked about how he is so tired and can not do much and now we were shocked at how he is aging, not is looks, but ability. WELL....we got a call about 2 weeks ago that Daddy was not feeling well, went to Dr., they ran tests and found that he has 10 blocks in his heart. He has since had open heart surgery and they did 3 bypasses and shot some laser hole to assist too. He is now home and doing well. My sister is able to be there with him as he can not be alone for the first 30 days. While she is there, her 2 year old son is with us - I forgot what a 2 year old can be like....but we are all getting into a groove and doing well.

Also, this is the season where the garden is ready for canning and the plum tree is overloaded with fruit. So amongst all this we are canning and cooking down and packing the pantry with the good stuff!

Right before all this happened I was talking with a friend about how crazy busy life is and how I would love for it to slow down just a bit - I guess God showed me, my everyday regular life is a blessing and not to take it for granted, it could always be worse! Now, I am looking forward to my crazy busy life to be back to the normal crazy busy I know and love.