Sunday, May 29, 2011

Steve and I enjoyed a little walk around the pastures yesterday, we have done so much clearing, and we are finally seeing a lot of green coming in, just hoping it the right green. We are currently having pigweed start to infest the lower pasture. We took the weed to the Ag. extension office and the only way to deal with it, is to pull it up by the roots and remove it from the property. This has turned into a job for our teenaged son, mainly, but there are times when the rest of us are right there with him. It appears this will be a several year battle, but we are trying to get to the plants before they come to seed and make more.

All the biddies are doing well, we have not had any new ones in the last couple of days, so we are holding at 34...I have been letting the teens out and we have a nightly check in and count, to be sure they all have made it thru the day, so far, so good.

Today is Sunday, and our Sunday School Class is cooking breakfast, so I am short on time...looking forward to some good cooking though!

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