Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Good days

This week, with the break from some rain, I decided that our front yard needed some help. We have three large oak trees there and leaves are everywhere. It took me one entire day to get all the leaves gathered into either piles or wind rows. Even with these sectioned off, the yard already looked much better. And I knew that having the leaves up will allow the yard to dry faster and hopefully rid us of the impending mosquitoes I am sure have been laid in the midst of the wetness.

Yesterday we all got outside and began to burn all these piles, it was an all day event, but that yard looks GREAT! Also got froggy and ended up raking more inside the goat pen and burnt two of those piles as well, there is still A LOT of burning and raking yet to do in there, but I will take whatever progress I can get, when I can get it there. Just the portion I have raked is looking so nice and there is such a rage of green showing - I am excited for the spring growth, but am already loving the little green we are seeing. While I was working on this Steve and the kids all joined me and worked on bringing up some wood from some trees Steve fell a week or so back. It was nice to have the whole family there with me and then we were joined by the cows and goats and every so often and group of chickens, it is funny how they join us on our adventures there.

In looking back it seems there has been endless work, and always brush piles to burn and more area to clear...looking forward to having that complete and all that area being useful, graze worthy area. Although, I also know that when this area is 'done' we will only move on to the next! I do love the work and being outdoors though....good thing, or I would be miserable here!

Today I am making some more home made spaghetti sauce. Have sauted the garlic, added the onions and green peppers to cook down a bit and then have slid them into the boiling tomato juice that I put up back in summer. Looking forward to hearing the jar lids pop while they seal this afternoon.

This year has been another learning one for us, we have found the amount of each veggie that we need to can to sustain through the winter and what we need to put up for future use and not make it into the final product until it is needed - the freshness quality that way is unbeatable! I also enjoy the added warmth that canning brings to the house when the fireplace seems to not be ale to catch up.

Kids are doing well with their schooling so far this week - Monday is always a struggle with late night weekends and them wanting to be outside whenever the sun does show up...

Has been a wonderful few days on the home stead....looking forward to more.

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